Teeth Whitening

We use the latest Zoom whitening to achieve your desired outcome

At Lakeview Dental Centre, we offer in-office professional teeth whitening with beautiful results. Unlike at-home teeth whitening systems, this cosmetic treatment can achieve better results quicker.

We recommend having your teeth whitened after a cleaning appointment to maximize the effect. Prior to the procedure, we will check the current shade of your teeth using a shade guide. We also treat any decay first and identify where teeth may not whiten evenly, including an existing filling or crown.

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The benefits of professional teeth whitening

  • Your dentist can determine where teeth may not whiten evenly and make a recommendation for the best results.
  • Professional products are stronger and can achieve your desired outcome quicker.
  • Minimal to no risks when done under the supervision of a professional team.

One appointment, noticeable results

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Enhance the look of your smile in one sitting.

Our professional teeth-whitening procedure is an effective, affordable, safe, and efficient way to brighten your smile. After the initial consultation, we begin by isolating your teeth using a liquid dam to protect your gum tissue. A whitening gel will be placed on your teeth that gets activated by a LED light placed in front of your mouth. Desensitizers and moisturizers have been added to the whitening gel to prevent dehydration and sensitivity.

Once the procedure is complete, Dr. Newman and her staff will use the shade guide again to check the new shade of your teeth so that you can see the comparison for yourself. You will also be given an additional whitening syringe and the whitening tray to be taken home for touch-ups, along with recommended instructions to follow after the procedure.

Professional teeth whitening can correct discolouration caused by aging, stains, or chemical damage. It is long-lasting and effective, helping you achieve the bright, white smile you desire.

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